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File Master (Multiple Punching Machine): Platen Punching Machine

Punching Machine

Book Binding Requirements

  • Indexing(Square, L-Index, Half-Moon)
  • Round Cornering.
  • Spiral (3mm To 5mm).
  • Wiro(2 in 1 inch 3 in 1 inch).
  • Any die can be prepared to suits printers job specifications and requirements

File Making Requirements (9 Punches)

Index File / Box File / Lever File

  • Creasing (Bending Punch).
  • Corner Strip Punch.
  • Lever Hole Punch / Machine Fixing Punch
  • (a)Ring Hole.   (b)Ring Press
  • (a)Rado Hole.   (b)Rado Press

Cobra File(Additional Punch)

  • Round Corner Punch
  • 4 Hole Punch / 2 Hole Punch.(distance 95mm)

Office File(Additional Punch)

  • 4 Hole Punch / 2 Hole Punch
  • Single Hole Punch

Technical Specification

Machine Size
Suitability & (Thickness of Job)
Indexing (15-20pgs, 80-100 gsm),
Round Cornering (5 soot, 15mm),
Spiral (20-25 pages, 80-100 gsm), Wiro (20-25 pgs),
Multiple Book Binding Jobs
1 H.P., Single Phase
40 Cycles/minute
Net Weight
400 Kgs
Gross Weight
450 Kgs
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Platen punching machine as well as punching machine also known as file master or multiple punching machine by us delivered according to international standards and specifications. Platen punching machine manufacturers and suppliers as per ISO standards. We are authorized suppliers and exporters to entire world from Mumbai India since 1970. We are certified file master manufacturers with ISO standards for efficient perforamance.