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Loop Stitching Machine

Suitability & Acceptability

  • Loop stitching machine is suitable for centre, side and loop stitching.
  • 80% of printers accept loop stitching as a better mode of binding for direct and easy filing.

High Speed of Machine

  • Loop stitching machine runs at a high speed of 110 loop stitches / standard stitches per minute.


  • Loop stitching machine head is easy exchangeable with the standard normal head of stitching in less than four minutes, very conveniently

Salient Features of Loop stitching machine

  • Loop Stitching enables direct filing without 2 hole punching, thereby creating reference value of the brochure.
  • The attractive and immaculate system is highly user-friendly, modern, authentic & presentable.

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Technical Specification

Stitching thickness
0.1mm to 16mm (Regular)
Loop Attachment
Loop Stitching upto 4 mm thickness
Centre and Side Stitching
Minimum no. of pages
Maximum Thickness
0.1 to 3/4″
Stitch Speed
110 Stitches per minute
1/2 H.P Single phase
20 S.W.G to 26 S.W.G
Net Weight
150 Kgs.
Gross Weight
250 Kgs.
Machine Size
L 32″ W 28″ H 54″
Packing Size
L 50″ W 30″ H 30″
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